Senin, 11 Februari 2008

French Cheese Assortment in Gift Box (2 Pound) by

Product Description
When the word cheese is mentioned, most of us immediately think of France. We can't help it; it's a knee-jerk reaction. As excellent as are the hundreds of cheeses that originate from all corners of the globe, France is always the first country the comes to mind when discussing cheesemaking. Our French Cheese Assortment captures a good bit of French cheese culture with the four cheeses listed below. One is of the "stinky" variety, one is a triple-crème, one is a chèvre, and one is a mountain cheese from the Alps. Buche Chevre: This classic French goat cheese is slightly aged, giving it a lot of character. Formed in the shape of a log (Buche is French for log), enjoy this cheese on salads, as a snack, or with fruit for dessert. Chaource: This decadent triple-creme is delicious at any stage of ripeness and has a slight mushroom scent with a rich, creamy flavor. Pont l'Eveque: This aromatic cheese from Normandy has a creamy, slightly spicy flavor. Pont l'Eveque has an edible reddish crust with a creamy, pale interior. It is an ancient cheese and truly one of the world's great ones. Gruyère de Comté: Created by local villagers in alpine dairies called "Fruiteries", its milk comes only from Montbeliarde and Tachete de L'est cows. Each 70+ pound wheel of Comté is aged for at least six months, resulting in a sweet and nutty masterpiece!

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