Senin, 21 April 2008

Pub Cheese Assortment (1.5 Pound) by

Product Description
We have put together a delightful selection of three cheeses to pair perfectly with beer! When pairing cheese, we often think of wine, but these three cheeses are made for ale. The assortment includes: Cotswold, a cheese from England that is often called "Pub Cheese" in its home country. Flavored with onion and chives, it is the perfect match for any beer. Cahill Farm Cheddar with Porter Ale is a visually intriguing cheese. Mixed with dark porter ale during the cheesemaking process, this cheese has a marbled effect with dark brown veins. Imported from Ireland, it has a surprising meaty flavor and is obviously a perfect match for ale. Chimay with Beer is so named because this cheese's rind is rubbed with beer during curing. This strong-smelling Belgian monastery cheese has a wonderfully hearty flavor that will make any beer taste better. This assortment includes a 1/2 pound of each selection.

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